City Club, Dallas
Karl Lampman, Rich Jasin, Analisa, Tommy DeSalvo, Chris Clarke
The Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas
Tommy DeSalvo, Mikel Combs, Analisa, Rich
City Club, Dallas
Rich Jasin, Shelley Carrol, Chris White, Victor Cager, Mike Garvey
City Club, Dallas
Chris Clarke,Analisa, Rich
Shelley Carrol,
Scott Bucklin
Charity Event
Scott Bucklin, Bruce Howell, Rich
The Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas
Analisa, Rich, Mikel Combs,
Mike Garvey, Pete Galleo
Times Ten Cellars, Dallas
Liz Mikel, Jennifer Martin, Rich, Mike Garvey, Bruce Howell
Times Ten Cellars, Dallas
Rich, Bruce Howell, Scott Bucklin
Times Ten Cellars, Ft. Worth
Mike Finkel, Jonathan Fisher, Rich, Analisa
Jazz at James, Dallas
Rich, Rosana Eckert, Tommy DeSalvo, Mark Wilson
Horseshoe Bay Resort, TX
Mike Garvey, Chris White, Rich
Wedding Reception
Jonathan Fisher, Tommy DeSalvo, Nancy Fisher, Rich, Pete Galleo
Sunday Afternoon Jazz
Victor Cager, Quintine Perry, Bryan Meggison, Mike Garvey, Francisco Ogregon, Rich, Jennifer Martin, Gabe Meadows, Bruce Howell
Bryan Meggison and Rich
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Scat Lounge, Ft. Worth
Buddy Mohammed, Sandra Kaye, Rich, Mike Garvey
Kirby's Steakhouse Southlake
Anniversary Party - Hotel Palomar
Brian Piper (piano), Jeff Robbins (saxophone),
Rich (drums), Analisa (vocals), Jonathan Fisher (bass)
Kirby's Steakhouse Southlake
Mike Finkel, Rich,
Drenda Barnett, Jonathan Fisher
Four Seasons Resort Las Colinas
New Year's Eve 2010
Melani Skybell, Nic Tsolainos, Rich
Chocolate Secrets
Rich, Sam Walker, Carl Hillman, Melani Skybell
Kirby's Steakhouse, Southlake
Chris DeRose (guitar), Rich (drums),
Kyp Green (bass), Mike Finkel (piano)
Jazz at James, Dallas
Mike Finkel, Chris DeRose, George Anderson, Analisa, Rich
Times Ten Cellars - Dallas
Mike Finkel, Chris DeRose, Rich,
Heather Paterson, Bryan Meggison, Bach Norwood
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Times Ten Cellars - Dallas
Mike Finkel, Bryan Meggison,
Tatiana Mayfield, Rich,
Bach Norwood
Times Ten Cellars - Dallas
Mike Finkel, Bryan Meggison, Rich, Bach Norwood
Times Ten Cellars - Dallas
Bach Norwood, Colin Campbell, Tatiana Mayfield, Rich, Bryan Meggison
Times Ten Cellars - Dallas
Victor Cager (vocals) Mike Finkel (keys) Rich Jasin (drums) Bach Norwood (bass) Bryan Meggison (sax)
Tenor Madness
Mike Finkel (keys) Shelley Caroll (sax) Rich Jasin (drums) Bryan Meggison (sax) Bach Norwood (bass/vocals)
Dallas Bar Assoc. Belo Mansion - Dallas
Brian Piper (keyboard), Rich Jasin(drums),
Bach Norwood (bass/vocals)