Rich Jasin, Drums
Rich's musical talents began to flourish at an early age.  As a young man growing up in Philadelphia, his group played for school functions, private parties, weddings, and family functions of all sorts.  He was selected to appear on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour and despite a performance that brought enthusiastic audience response, he came in first runner-up in that competition.  However, it was a young Barbra Streisand who won that night.  Placing second to a performing legend such as her seems acceptable.
Rich's passion for playing the drums continued to grow as he became a young adult.  His formal instruction was with Joe Morello of Dave Brubeck Quartet fame.  Joe introduced Rich to the New York City jazz scene where he was afforded the unique experience of learning from great jazz legends.  During these years, he spent many hours in the company of legendary talents Mel Torme, Max Roach, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Elvin Jones and Marian McPartland.  The New York jazz community proved to be a classroom for Rich that served to define his artistic drumming style and his love for the art of Jazz.
While serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy, Rich met Tony Galena who was the principal piano player at the world famous Top of the Sixes in New York City prior to entering the Navy.  Rich and Tony practiced together at every opportunity as music became the bright spot during an otherwise dangerous and difficult time.  During "leaves," Rich and Tony would seek out the local USO's and entertain the military personnel.  After leaving the Navy, Rich and Tony added a bass player and continued to play venues in NYC and Philadelphia.
In addition to his musical training, Rich holds a Bachelor's Degree from Villanova University and a Master's Degree from Fordham University.
Rich has performed in various venues in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Chicago and is fortunate to play with many of the great musicians in the North Texas area. His style is often described as melodic and tasteful.
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